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Prescription Drug Card now offered by PBRC

April 20, 2012

Effective April 1, 2012, there is a new benefit at Palm Beach Research Center!  We now provide all our patients with a Discount Prescription Drug Card that they keep for life.  Benefits are: 1 – they can be redeemed at all local Pharmacies for instant savings up to 75% on name brand & generic prescription drugs and 2 – recent studies have shown that using prescription cards can provide the user with great benefits when it comes to combating the high cost of prescription medications.  While many stores offer low cost plans, adding a discount prescription card can help to reduce the cost of the products even more, making it easier for people – especially underinsured, uninsured and senior citizens – to be able to afford medications that make one’s quality of life the best it can possibly be.  Everyone has heard the horror stories of people who must forgo paying for necessities so that they can afford medications.  Some people are forced to live without car insurance, proper clothing or even the most basic necessities such as food and electricity just so that they can buy medications.  No one should have to live without basic necessities, which is the reason why many companies offer free prescription cards and discounted medications.

The benefits of using a prescription card are many.  Some of the benefits of prescription card programs include no limits on the items that can be purchased at one time, no restrictions on income or age, plus the ability to use one card for an entire household.

Come in to our office today to pick up your card!

Did we mention it is free to you?


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