A Study To Potentially Understand and Counter the Disease

A Study to Potentially Understand and Counter Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s disease, the most common form of dementia. is a neurologic disorder which causes the brain cells to die, a common cause for dementia. This disease destroys memory and thinking skills, which leads to the lack of ability to do simple tasks in the long run.

Major causes of Alzheimer’s disease are age which creates changes to the brain, genes, environmental factors, lifestyle as well as the abnormality of protein build-up around the brain cells.

Alzheimer’s disease symptoms include memory loss, affecting daily life interaction, loss of problem-solving ability, confusion about time, places, occasions, people, limitation in speaking and using language, misplacing things, forgetting where they place a thing and easily snaps when it cannot be seen, poor judgment and personality changes. These symptoms are very crucial to know for early action and diagnosis can greatly help in improving the health of an individual having the disease’s symptoms.

Individuals having Alzheimer’s disease have the tendency of getting lost, wandering, repeating questions over and over again, among others.

This disease has no cure until now, however, treatments can be done to stop or minimize the progression of the disease, potentially improving the living of a person.

Because there are no cures yet, clinical trials are being done to combat Alzheimer’s disease.

Clinical trials are research studies conducted with human volunteers that aimed to evaluate medical, surgical or behavioral intervention. This trial is the primary way in identifying whether the treatment, drug or medication is safe and effective in people or not. Without these trials and the volunteers, diseases like Alzheimer’s disease cannot be cured or prevented.

These clinical trials include:

Treatment trial which tests a new drug or non-drug treatment or combination of both treatments. Current trials have two types. One aimed to reduce symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease and the other one which is aimed to slow or stop the disease. Treatment trials are very essential for a new treatment cannot be approved if it has not gone through these clinical trials.

Diagnostic Studies focus on finding a better and more accurate way in diagnosing the disease, especially in the early stages, to begin treatment while the disease is not yet fully developed.

Prevention trials which involve finding ways to stop the disease from developing through certain medications and lifestyle.

Quality of Life Studies which aim to identify the kind of support a patient needs.

Alzheimer’s disease is a challenge, not only to the patient but also to the family. However, it can be surpassed with proper medication and support.

Palm Beach Research has an Alzheimer’s clinical trial that we are enrolling patients into. To learn more about this study and how you can join, visit our current studies page and see if you qualify online: https://palmbeachresearch.com/our-current-studies.

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