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A comprehensive list of our equipment

  • Conveniently located to I-95 and International Airport
  • 7 Exam Rooms
  • 2 Extended Care Rooms (Bed, refrigerator, microwave, TV)
  • 2 Private Monitor Rooms with office supplies, copier, phone and fax
  • Monitors and Coordinators have high speed internet access
  • Conference Room
  • Comfortable Patient Waiting Area
  • Refrigerators (2 Full Size, 3 Compact)
  • 3 Centrifuges ( Silencer 2200R, Labofuge 400, Small Mobile Centrifuge)
  • Laboratory (CLIA – certified)
  • Autoclave
  • Freezer (-20º)
  • Freezer (-70º)
  • Access to Dry Ice
  • Palm Beach Research Center uses the 235 Heightronic™ Digital Stadiometer— Utilizing the same electronic capacitor sensor system scientists use for critical measurements, the Heightronic™ stadiometer gives a quick digital readout that’s accurate to .01 inch–or .01 Centimeter


    • Ultimate Resolution: 0.1 mm. increments
    • Capacitor Electronics: For accurate digital results
    • Easy Calibration: Indicator included for mounting and calibration Can also be adjusted for spine, leg or arm length
    • Measurement Range: 27-77 in. (70-194 cm.) 
    • Graduations: .01 in. (.01 cm.)
  • 2 Koko Spirometers w/ 3 liter calibrating syringe: Palm Beach Research Center uses a KoKo Pneumotach Spirometer which represents the excellence in spirometry diagnostic testing. The sophistication of KoKo software provides simple spirometry testing. Simple, quick & accurate, the KoKo is a unique spirometry system which combines a portable, hand held unit with the power and storage capability of a computer system.
  • 12 Lead ECG Machine (MAC 1200)
  • Weight Scale (Detecto) Analog & Digital
  • Oxygen (E-Tank)
  • Digital & Manual cuffs for Blood Pressure
  • Annual, Documented Calibration