Many people see the words clinical trials but do not understand what it is all about. These trials consist of research studies that explore whether a medical treatment, strategy or device is safe to use on humans. These research studies are also used to see what form of treatment and medications will work the best on those with certain illnesses. All of the data is meticulously collected and analyzed before final results are released.

There are many groups of people that will take part in these trials. There are companies where you can sign up to receive the list of trials that will be taking place. Most clinical trials will pay a fee for your time and effort. The fee will be paid to you once the research is completed.

When agreeing to be part of a clinical trial you will have to pay attention to how you are feeling and report in. Some trials will have reporting done daily, and others will only be once or twice a week. These trials have come a long way, and much of the reporting can be completed either over the phone or on the computer.

Clinical trials are necessary in order to be developing the right type of medications in order to help people with illness and those who need a medical device. Most people will hear about the new medical device or the new medication that has been approved but will not hear anything about these trials.

Most people only become interested in the trials when they have an illness. This is the time that they are looking for something that will help with their specific ailment or disease. There is no right or wrong answer when deciding whether to join a clinical trial.

When deciding whether or not to join a clinical trial it is a very personal one. You have to compare the benefits and risks. Knowing what you are trying to achieve before going into the trial will also help you decide. If you do decide to take part in the research, then you need to know what to look for.

It is nice to know what to expect during the trial and testing. If you have specific questions, then be sure to write them down. You have the right to ask all questions that concern you. You also have the right to leave a clinical trial. Before leaving a clinical trial be sure to discuss your decision with your physician.

When joining a trial, you will learn that there are different phases to go through. The first is Phase 0, new drug exploration. This is the phase where a small dosage of a drug is given to see if and how it works. Patients may need lab work or blood drawn during this phase of research.

Phase 1 is the next phase, and this consists of finding the highest dose of a new medication that does not cause serious side effects. The first dose given is a very low dose. With each group of patients, a higher dose is given until doctors have figured out a dosage amount with side effects that are not serious and tolerable. In this phase of the research a small group of patients is tested.

Phase II of the research asks if the treatment is working. This phase usually has more patients involved. This is where researchers and doctors look for evidence that the treatment is working.
Phase III is done with the largest number of patients. This phase researches if the new treatment is better than the ones already being used.

Once all of the phases are completed the results are gathered and analyzed, this is how the new drugs and treatments make it to the patients who can benefit from it.

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